Air Barrier

SOPRASEAL Stick 1100T: Keeps the air out

SOPRASEAL Stick 1100T is the premium air barrier membrane from SOPREMA.  It is composed of self adhesive SBS modified bitumen and a polyethylene woven composite facer.  SOPRASEAL Stick 1100T forms an impermeable barrier against air and vapor leakage in any building envelop scenario.

SOPRASEAL Stick 1100T is manufactured with consistent thickness and is self-sealing.  It provides 100% U.V. protection.  SOPRASEAL Stick 1100T can be wrapped into windows and door frames allowing for the use of just one product for the entire face of the building.  It is easily installed with either a full sheet or spilt sheet release paper backing and features reference lines every 6 inches.


SOPRASEAL WeatherFlash: Air protection for windows and doors

SOPRASEAL WeatherFlash is a specially designed self adhered membrane that wraps windows and doors with continuous protection against air and moisture penetration.  The product is available in widths of 4”, 6”, 9”, 12” and 18”.

SOPRASEAL WeatherFlash is self sealing around nails and screws, provides UV resistance and can remain uncovered for up to 90 days.  

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