Environmental Policy

Conservation-minded manufacturers of products used by the building industry evaluate the impact of their products on the environment during the lifespan of a building (from manufacturing to construction, operation and demolition).

SOPREMA contributes to environmental protection and sustainable construction by manufacturing high quality products that meet the highest environmental standards. The Ginkgo Biloba leaf is the symbol selected by SOPREMA to represent its ecological commitment. This ancient oriental tree represents sustainability, health, aesthetics and resistance to attack.

SOPREMA was one of the first roofing manufacturers to establish an Environmental Management Program, and the first modified bitumen manufacturer to be ISO 14001 certified for its environmental management practices. SOPREMA’s global research facilities are developing products made from renewable resources and recycled materials to reduce SOPREMA’s carbon footprint.

SOPREMA strives to manufacture products in a safe, healhty environment where employee well being is the top priority.  SOPREMA is certified to OHSAS 18001: 2007 Management Program for Occupational Health and Safety standards.













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