Sustainable Products

Commitment to Sustainability

At the heart of SOPREMA’s company values, the environment receives our focus and attention on a daily basis, particularly as it relates to manufacturing and R&D. SOPREMA was one of the first roofing manufacturers to establish an Environmental Management Program, and the first modified bitumen manufacturer to earn ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management practices. SOPREMA continues to innovate and provide sustainable products for the entire building envelope.

Over 20 years ago, SOPREMA initiated an approach to evaluate and minimize the impact of our products and activity on the environment.  SOPREMA created the ECO STRUCTION logo to identify products that are specifically environmentally friendly.

ecostruction_logoThe criteria for ECO STRUCTION products include:

  • Products made with natural resources and recycled raw materials
  • Products that use sustainable resources
  • Products which have a positive impact on the environment
  • Products that limit the impact on the health of manufacturers and users

Some of our products often highlighted as environmentally friendly are listed below.

Cool Roofs

As a roof’s temperature increases, it becomes more difficult and costly to maintain a comfortable temperature inside of the building.  Naturally, as a building’s internal temperature rises more and more air conditioning is needed to keep occupants productive and comfortable.  To counter this, cool roof solutions may be installed to reduce the roof’s surface temperature.  SOPREMA cool roof solutions include:

  • SOPRASTAR®, a bright white, highly reflective, elastomeric modified bitumen cap ply for use in multi-ply assemblies that demonstrates high solar reluctance after three years of exposure per CRRC protocol.
  • SOPRALENE® and ELASTOPHENE® SG granule cap ply options for creating a long-lasting, bright white, cool roof system that reflects the sun’s energy.
  • ALSAN® RS 230 & 260 Flash, rapid-curing, polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)/polymethacrylate (PMA) liquid resins, in bright white can assist in creating a cool roof system when utilized in conjunction with SOPRASTAR or cap plies featuring SG granules.
  • ALSAN RS 230 & 260  Field, PMMA/PMA liquid resins combined with ALSAN RS Fleece reinforcing fabric to form a flexible and monolithic reinforced membrane. In white, ALSAN RS acts as the cool roof component creating a long lasting, brilliant white membrane surface.
  • R-NOVA® Plus, a hybrid acrylic/urethane resin used in waterproofing existing, aged modified bitumen and built-up roof systems can turn an aged roof into a cool roof!

Vegetated Roofs

SOPRANATURE® garden roofs provide a variety of benefits beyond aesthetics.
green products

  • Plants absorb heat and have a positive effect on smog and airborne particles
  • Vegetation assists in the reduction of greenhouse gases
  • Roof membranes are protected from ultraviolet (UV) radiation, extreme temperature fluctuations (thermal shock) and inadvertent physical damage, improving long-term performance
  • Vegetated roofs help control water flow into drainage systems
  • Heating and cooling costs may be lowered by the properties of vegetated roofs

Mammouth NEO

SOPREMA’s newest innovation in environmental design is our Mammouth NEO.  It is a roofing membrane comprised of an innovative and environmentally friendly elastomer made from organically sourced raw materials, derived from 75 percent rapeseed oil and uses 30 percent less non-renewable fossil resources than traditional membranes. This high-quality composition allows the system to withstand the weathering elements longer, slowing down the ageing process and contributing to a healthier building environment.

For more information about our products’ contribution to LEED credits, please visit the LEED section of our Document Library.