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SOPREMA’s In-House Technical Department: Here to help you

SOPREMA takes great pride in providing top-level training and consulting services to our Authorized Contractors at no cost. Our in-house technical department is always available to answer your most difficult technical questions.

The In-House Technical Department will assist you with:

  • Evaluation of roofing and waterproofing assemblies for warranty eligibility
  • Issue Letters of Intent-to-Warrant
  • Evaluate assemblies and document compliance with codes and standards such as FM and Miami-Dade
  • Assist with architectural and job specific details/drawings
  • Represent SOPREMA in technical organizations as RICOWI, SPRI & ASTM
  • Answer general inquiries of a technical nature

The professionals that comprise the SOPREMA In-House Technical Department have years of experience in the roofing and waterproofing industries. Let this team of experienced professionals assist you in bringing your next roofing or waterproofing project to life.

SOPREMA’s Field Technical Department: Experience at Work

SOPREMA takes great in providing top-level training and consulting services to our Authorized
Contractors at no cost. Our Field Technical Department is dedicated to providing the highest quality
training, advice and repair services found in the industry. SOPREMA employs a crew of 25 highly trained
professionals dedicated to ensuring that each roofing and waterproofing project is installed correctly…the
first time. The Field Technical Department’s mission is to:

  • Provide building owners with the highest quality waterproofing and roofing systems.
  • Provide architects with contractors that install precisely what is designed.
  • Provide contractors with the best support and highest quality materials that help them build and maintain the best reputations within their industry.
  • Provide education and support to our Authorized Contractors. We believe this is the surest path to our long term success.

The professionals that comprise the SOPREMA Field Technical Department have years of experience in
the roofing and waterproofing industries. In addition to their experience, new members of the team
receives three weeks of field and two weeks of classroom training before joining the department.
SOPREMA offers on-the-job training as well as pre-job training to our Authorized Contractors per request.
During a project, a member of the Field Technical Team will provide three inspections (pre-job, interim
and final) to ensure that the project is completed per SOPREMA standards. Our attention to detail
coupled with our attentiveness to the client’s needs, whether it is training, advise or assistance with
problem resolution, helps SOPREMA stand out in the industry.

Should there be a claim on a project, SOPREMA’s Field Technical Department will provide the
investigative power needed to find the facts and solve the situation in a timely manner.

Question and Answers with SOPREMA’s Field Technical Manager:

How many field technical professionals does SOPREMA employ?

On average, how much experience do they have?
-They have anywhere from 5-20 years of roofing experience.

How are they trained to become field technical professionals?
-Each new field technical trainee shadows three of our experienced technical professionals (3) for one week a piece. Then they are brought in to the plant for two weeks of hands on and seminar training.

Is the Field Technical Department available to help train roofers BEFORE a job is started?
-On the job training as well as pre-job training is available from our tech reps by request.

Does the Field Technical Department spend time on on-going projects?
-Each job will typically get three inspections pre-job, interim, and final inspections. Should a job need more attention then it will receive it.

What makes SOPREMA’s field technical department the best in the industry?
-I feel our attention to detail along with our attentiveness to the client’s needs whether it is training or advise on details or assistance in problem resolution is far superior to our competitions technical assistance.

What can a building owner/roof consultant/contractor expect when a SOPREMA field technical professional comes to a jobsite?
-They will inspect the work to ensure it is being performed to our standards and assist with those in need of help in achieving this goal. We will also answer any questions their might be about our products and their proper application.

Explain the process if there is a warranty claim. What does the field technical department have to do with warranty claims?
-Should there be a claim on a project the owner must contact our Warranty department in order to receive a claim form. Once this is filled out and returned by the owner then one of our field techs will investigate the claim for an assessment of the cause. Should it be a warranted item in need of repair then Soprema will provide this repair under the terms of the warranty for that project.


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