SOPREMA® Collaborates with 3M™ to Introduce a Smog Fighting Solution for Low-Slope Roofing

08-28-2019 | Media

ECO3 smog-reducing granules

WADSWORTH, Ohio (Aug. 28, 2019) — Environmentally-conscious architects, roofing consultants, building owners and contractors can soon do their part to improve air quality while installing low-slope commercial roofing with the first low-slope roofing solution to incorporate 3M™ Smog-reducing Granules. SOPREMA®, a leader in the roofing, waterproofing, wall protection and civil engineering industries, has worked with 3M, a company focused on applying science in collaborative ways to improve lives daily, to introduce SOPREMA’s ECO3 granule surfaced membrane for low-slope commercial roofing.


SOPREMA’s ECO3 product incorporates 3M™ Smog-reducing Granules. These granules are designed with a specialized photo catalytic coating that is activated by the sun’s UV rays.  As sunlight hits the surface of the membrane containing the smog-reducing granules, radicals are generated that transform the nitrogen oxide (NOx) gases in smog into a plant usable form of nitrogen that washes away with dew or rain.


Reducing smog (NOx) pollution can help reduce ground-level ozone.  While good ozone in the upper atmosphere protects us, ozone at ground level is a harmful air pollutant, because of its effects on people and the environment.1 With this new smog-fighting solution for low-slope roofing, the larger surface area of commercial roofs allows for an even greater potential for reducing smog (NOx).


“At SOPREMA, it’s our mission to protect people’s property, possessions and health,” said Marketing Manager Matt Davis. “Making a product like ECO3, which helps contribute to all three, plus has a positive impact on the environment, is a big win for everyone involved in the project. Working with a company like 3M to develop the first smog-reducing solution for low-slope commercial roofing just deepens our commitment to sustainability.”


SOPREMA will produce four membranes that will feature the 3M Smog-reducing Granule. This selection of membranes gives contractors multiple application options as well as reinforcement.


For more information on SOPREMA’s ECO3 solutions, visit For more information on 3M Smog-reducing Granules, visit



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