How Specialized Equipment Helps Save Time and Labor

03-21-2022 | Roofing, Media


Learn about the MINI-MACADEN, an innovation in equipment designed to help alleviate the need for manual labor.

Finding ways to save time and labor is an important step to success in today’s industry. While one way to increase efficiency is to train employees to increase productivity, another tactic is to consider your product selection. When looking at products that can increase labor and time savings, remember to look for technologies and equipment that offer quick and easy installation methods and eliminate the need for additional equipment.

Using specialized equipment can make the application process faster and easier and can result in a higher quality product. Investing in equipment that helps lessen manual labor can pay off in the long run. Although there will be an initial up-front cost, the return on investment of purchasing equipment designed to increase performance and production time is worth the price.

The MINI-MACADEN®, for example, was developed to lay SOPREMA bituminous membranes more efficiently than ever before. With this machine, a four-member team can install over 15 membrane rolls per hour, making for a much quicker installation process with fewer people. This means that with a four-member team using the MINI-MACADEN, you can expect to install over 20 rolls per hour, making it easy to maximize your revenue potential. That is just one example of how the MINI-MACADEN can be used to help save time and labor.

The MINI-MACADEN is self-propelled in nearly every sense of the word. The only thing the operator is required to do is to crank it up, load a roll on it, and get it started in the right direction. This eliminates the need for your crews to complete each step manually, and with the machine on automatic mode, the machine can make nearly hands-free membrane application a reality.

In addition to laying the product quicker, the MINI-MACADEN can complete the job more efficiently. The MINI-MACADEN 1000 not only welds full rolls of modified bitumen — it does so using considerably less fuel. The machine’s consistent heating element and electric motors use up to 75% less propane than manual installation. This is how this machine can help you save on cost and make for a more sustainable roofing practice.

With this one machine, you can offer a higher quality installation while decreasing the time and labor it takes to complete your projects. So the question is, why aren’t you taking advantage of these savings?

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By Cass Jacoby, RCS Reporter. This article first appeared on RoofersCoffeeShop®.