SOPREMA and TRP Join Forces to Lead MRO Coatings Market

05-11-2023 | Roofing, Media

In 2022, SOPREMA acquired TRP Roofing Products (TRP) as part of its strategy to better provide for its customers’ MRO (maintenance, restoration, and operations) needs for roofing and waterproofing solutions. TRP offers professional grade asphalt, acrylic, and silicone roofing products, including roof cements, primers, adhesives, and coatings that are designed to withstand the harshest climates and extreme weather conditions. 

The addition of TRP’s full range of MRO coatings means that SOPREMA has an unparalled ability to offer solutions for any repair project.

Consider the case of the Mandalay Bay Club Condo Towers in Clearwater Beach, FL. The modified bitumen roofs on the twin residential high-rises were nearing the end of their lives, with observed granule loss on the membranes. However, the contractor was able to clean and dry the roof, then apply TRP 996 Bleed Blocker to the asphaltic-based surfaces to eliminate potential asphalt discoloration in the restoration.

TRP 9400 Eterna-Sil Premium Silicone Mastic was used to seal off flashing details before the entire roof was covered with TRP 924 Eterna-Sil Premium Silicone Roof Coating to create an energy-efficient, monolithic, seamless system. Furthermore, TRP 924 comes in six standard colors, allowing the project team to apply white to most of the roof and safety yellow in the walkway grids.

The 114-year-old Stockyards Hotel in Fort Worth, TX with a dilapidated system received a full restoration thanks to TRP products, including TRP 652 UltraGreen Roof Wash All-Purpose Cleaner to promote positive adhesion, followed by a foam application to make the roof completely waterproof and monolithic. The building was then topped off with TRP 901 High Solids Elastomeric Roof Coating, an Energy Star-rated acrylic product, to give the roof a reflective surface and fight off weathering.

Both projects demonstrate the power of TRP’s extensive product catalog and position SOPREMA as the MRO industry leader.

SOPREMA, of course has always offered lines of acrylic and silicone-based coatings, called ALSAN Coating AC 401 and SIL 402. Both products provide durable, flexible coatings that are VOC compliant and protect against UV and weather conditions.

Now, with those staples joining forces with TRP, the best MRO products on the market are all found in one place.

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