Conference Rooms


Mammouth and 1908 Conference Rooms:

The roots of SOPREMA trace back to 1908 when Charles Geisen embarked on a quest to create waterproof fabric that was both flexible and easy to install. Through experimentation, he discovered that soaking jute fabric in hot bitumen produced a lightweight yet durable screed, which he named “MAMMOUTH®”. This innovative solution revolutionized the waterproofing industry, laying the foundation for SOPREMA’s legacy of excellence in construction materials. Today, MAMMOUTH and 1908 remain hallmarks of our company’s commitment to quality and innovation, embodying our rich history and enduring dedication to providing superior products and solutions for our customers

SOPREMA HQ Mammouth Conference Room
SOPREMA 1908 Conference Room

AEF Conference Room:

SOPREMA AEF Conference Room

The origins of SOPREMA began with Charles Geisen, who founded the “Alsatian Emulsion Factory,” the precursor to our company. During this time, architects were grappling with the challenge of designing large terraces for private villas, often resorting to costly and unreliable roofing materials such as natural asphalt or coal tar. Recognizing the need for a more effective solution, Geisen established his factory to produce innovative roofing materials that would offer greater durability and affordability. Today, SOPREMA continues to uphold Geisen’s legacy of innovation and excellence, providing high-quality roofing solutions underpinned by decades of expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. In French, our company is known as “Usines Alsaciennes d’Émulsions,” paying homage to our Alsatian roots and the pioneering spirit that has defined our journey since inception.