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Chris Maxwell

District Sales Manager
Wadsworth, OH

Personal Background

I’m a basketball dad. I have a wife and two kids, as well as a dog and two cats. I earned an associate’s degree in business management from Stark State.

I’m very involved in public service, including a current candidacy for Council at Large, City of Wadsworth. I’ve also been a board member of the Wadsworth Chamber of Commerce and I’m a legacy board member of the Wadsworth Grizzly Community Fund.

Career Background

I’ve spent my career in sales and marketing, and have strong customer service skills.

Current Job Responsibilities

I manage a group of SOPREMA Sales and Independent Sales Agents for both the SOPREMA and PRS brands. My main job function is to educate, motivate and appreciate my guys.

Educate, not only on products and sales practices, but also on corporate culture.

Motivate, strive for greatness every day.

Appreciate, have an understanding of my team’s feelings, be able to navigate them, and able to help push company initiatives.