ALSAN® All-Purpose Cleaner SKU: A807

ALSAN® All-Purpose Cleaner SKU: A807


ALSAN All-Purpose Cleaner is a water-based surface cleaner designed to dissolve and remove heavy accumulations of hard-to-remove dirt, oil and grease without the use of harsh solvents. ALSAN All-Purpose Cleaner can be used to clean aluminum, galvanized metal and other surfaces prior to coating.


ALSAN All-Purpose Cleaner should be applied using cleans rags or cloths.


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Potomac Transportation Center – Dumfries, Virginia

To stay proactive, The Potomac Transportation Center, part of the Prince William County Public Schools, decided to apply a protective coating to their rooftop. Although there were no immediate problems with the current roof, it was determined that a preventative coating was needed on the aging roof before future complications arose. When it came time to select products for this job, the ALSAN® Coating line was selected due to SOPREMA’s relationship with Northeast Contracting Corporation, a 2018 Mammouth Club Member, and the expert local field technical services team.

Second Ward Gymnasium – Charlotte, North Carolina

Second Ward High School is a historic school in Charlotte, North Carolina that opened in 1923. The school was closed in 1969 and eventually demolished,with the exception of the gymnasium. When renovating the building into a recreation center, SOPREMA products were used to seal and protect the wall systems.