ALSAN® CIVIL 755 SKU: 00513944, 00513945, 00513946, 00513947, 00513948, 00513949

ALSAN® CIVIL 755 SKU: 00513944, 00513945, 00513946, 00513947, 00513948, 00513949

ALSAN CIVIL 755 is a three-component polymethyl methacrylate-based (PMMA) waterproofing sprayable liquid membrane. ALSAN CIVIL 755 is utilized as an unreinforced waterproofing system for bridges, parking decks and various other civil engineering structures.

Product Properties

  • Installation Method 2 Part
  • Material Liquid
  • Technology PMMA


Ensure all surfaces have been properly prepared and primed with ALSAN CIVIL P70 prior to application. After mixing, apply a coat of ALSAN CIVIL 755 with a minimum wet film thickness of 80 mils (2 mm) on the substrate. NOTE: Protect all surfaces that are not intended to receive ALSAN CIVIL 755. The resin should be spread evenly onto the surface. Wait 60 minutes at 20°C (68 °F) before applying a second layer with a minimum wet film thickness of 40 mils (1 mm). Broadcast aggregate into this layer at a rate of 1/4 lb per square foot. A wet film gauge must be used to determine the applied product thickness. Other application methods include 60mils/60 mils, 90 mils and more available upon request.


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