ALSAN® CIVIL P70 SKU: 00513942, 00513943

ALSAN® CIVIL P70 SKU: 00513942, 00513943

ALSAN CIVIL P70 is a rapid-setting, polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) primer. ALSAN CIVIL P70 is formulated to promote adhesion over concrete and steel surfaces prior to application of ALSAN CIVIL waterproofing systems. ALSAN CIVIL is utilized for waterproofing bridges, parking decks and various other civil engineering structures.

Product Properties

  • Material Primer
  • Overlying Application ALSAN Civil Waterproofing Systems


Using a slow-speed (200 to 400 rpm) mechanical agitator, thoroughly mix the entire container of resin for two minutes before use. Only catalyze the amount of material that can be used within 10-15 minutes. Add the pre-measured catalyst to the resin component and stir for two minutes and apply to the substrate. Refer to the catalyst information found on the second page of the product’s PDS. Apply without dilution or thinning.


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