SOPREMA’S ALSAN Flashing Kit provides you with everything you need to make fast, permanent repairs and flashings. Designed with efficiency in mind, each kit comes complete with materials and tools conveniently packaged to maximize your use of time. ALSAN Flashing conforms easily to irregular shapes and its unique formulation makes it perfect for creating quick curing, seamless flashings. As a building owner, ALSAN Flashing provides you with an extremely efficient, cost effective option for quickly making repairs. The easy to follow installation instructions save valuable time when a repair is needed.


Remove all loose materials, and ensure that the patch area is
clean and dry. Apply ALSAN Flashing liberally with a brush or putty knife at a rate of two gallons per 100ft2 (32 mils). Measure and cut strips of ALSAN Polyfleece and place on top of first coat of ALSAN. Completely saturate and cover reinforcing material with a second coat at a rate of two gallons per 100ft2 (32 mils). ALSAN Flashing will cure to a dark brown appearance. To match surrounding granule surfacing, a third coat of ALSAN Flashing may be applied and loose granules broadcast into the wet resin.


Testing & Approvals

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