ALSAN® RS LO Primer Activator SKU: L-RSLOPA

ALSAN® RS LO Primer Activator SKU: L-RSLOPA

ALSAN RS LO Primer is a 100% solids, low-odor epoxy used to promote adhesion to Metals (excluding copper), concrete, masonry, wood, and other substrates prior to application of ALSAN RS roofing, waterproofing and trafficable surfacing systems. ALSAN RS LO Primer is also used with SOPREMA ALSAN RS 260 LO Field, ALSAN RS 260 LO Flash and ALSAN RS 263 LO Self-Leveling Mortar for low-odor applications.

Product Properties

  • Material Liquid


Apply ALSAN RS LO Primer using a notched squeegee and roller at substrate and ambient temperatures as recommended preferably with falling temperature to reduce potential for “off-gassing. When primer will be left exposed for more than 12 hours, fully “blind” cover while wet with #1 kiln-dried quartz aggregate, and allow
to cure then vacuum off excess loose aggregate. Primer should not be applied if temperatures will fall below 32°F (0°C) within 24-hours of application. Prior to application, refer to published specifications, guidelines and recommendations for complete application instructions. The applicator is responsible for ensuring conditions are appropriate to proceed with proper application methods.


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