COLPHENE® 180 FR GR SKU: 01227

COLPHENE® 180 FR GR SKU: 01227

COLPHENE 180 FR GR (fire retardant, granules) is a SBS-modified bitumen membrane approved for use in waterproofing assemblies. COLPHENE 180 FR GR is reinforced with a tough, dimensionally stable non-woven polyester mat that is saturated and coated on both sides with a proprietary formulation of elastomeric styrenebutadiene-styrene (SBS) polymer modified bitumen.

Product Properties

  • ASTM D6164, Type I, Grade G
  • Installation Method Cold Adhered
  • Reinforcement Non-Woven Polyester
  • Thickness 160 mils (4.0 mm)
  • Topside Ceramic-Coated Granules
  • Underside Sanded


Prior to installation, unroll COLPHENE 180 FR GR onto the deck and allow to relax. Place COLPHENE 180 FR GR in desired position and back roll the product. Apply approved cold adhesive following manufacturer specifications. COLPHENE 180 FR GR is then placed into the cold adhesive and rolled with a weighted roller to ensure adhesion.


Testing & Approvals

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