ALSAN Coating Butyl Fleece Tape contains a butyl rubber compound with a polyester fleece face used where required or recommended as reinforcement to enhance tensile strength, tear resistance, elongation, and performance of ALSAN Coating SIL 402 and ALSAN Coating AC 401 applications. ALSAN Coating Butyl Fleece Tape is typically used to treat laps, joints, seams flashings and repairs on metal, single ply and smooth asphalt based roof systems.

Product Properties

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Apply ALSAN Coating Butyl Fleece Tape only in temperatures between 40°F and 95°F (4.4°C and 35°C). After the surface has been properly prepared, cut tape to desired length. Remove the release liner and position over desired area. Precisely apply the tape directly to the area on the first attempt, as trying to remove may damage the tape and/or the roofing surface. Firmly press on all areas of tape with a finger or roller, making sure tape stays conformed to the roof surface. Always roll from the center towards the outside to remove any air pockets. Edges must be free of any fishmouths. Do not stretch tape during application. Apply ALSAN Coating SIL 402 or ALSAN Coating AC 401 over tape the same day. For more information on coverage rates for ALSAN Coating SIL 402 or ALSAN Coating AC 401 reference the product data sheet.

Testing & Approvals

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