SENTINEL® Universal Sealant is a moisture cured, polyether, elastomeric sealant for use in approved SENTINEL® PVC membrane and flashing assemblies. SENTINEL® Universal Sealant is a solvent-free sealant that has excellent adhesive qualities and resilient elastomeric properties and is formulated to bond to most construction materials.

Product Properties

  • Type Sealants and Mastics


SENTINEL® Universal Sealant can be applied using a standard caulking gun or pneumatic cartridge applicator. Apply a 3/8” bead to surfaces free of any dirt and debris or other contaminants that may prohibit adhesion. Tooling of the bead of sealant may be needed to ensure maximum adhesion and to shed water from the detail. Petroleum solvents will negatively affect adhesion if used to clean the substrate.

Testing & Approvals

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