SENTINEL® P200 HFB is a high performance, polyester reinforced, thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) roof membrane, specially designed to provide unmatched flexibility and long-term performance. SENTINEL membranes provide the proven fire and chemical resistance of PVC along with superior weldability, making it easy to conform to complex geometries. SENTINEL P200 HFB incorporates a heavy fleece-backed underside and is available in an an ENERGY STAR® approved white as well as a variety of colors, including gray and tan.

Product Properties

  • Backing Fleece backed
  • Installation Method Fully Adhered
  • Installation Method Mechanically Fastened
  • Reinforcement Polyester
  • Thickness 80 mils (2.0 mm)


SENTINEL P200 HFB can be installed in mechanically attached or fully adhered systems. For fully adhered systems, SENTINEL H2O bonding adhesive is approved. Please refer to the specific adhesive data sheet for application guidelines. For mechanically attached systems, please consult your SOPREMA representative for specific fastening patterns. All laps must be heat-welded to ensure a water tight seal.

Testing & Approvals


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