ELASTOPHENE ULTRA-STICK FR GR (fire retardant, granulated) is an SBS-modified bitumen cap ply for use in approved multi-ply membrane and flashing assemblies. ELASTOPHENE ULTRA-STICK FR GR is composed of a proprietary formulation of elastomeric styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) polymer modified bitumen in combination with a specially formulated high tack self-adhesive bottom layer and is reinforced with a high quality, random glass fiber mat. The topside is surfaced with ceramic coated granules and the underside is surfaced with a protective split back release film that is removed during application.

Product Properties

  • ASTM ASTM D6163
  • Component Cap
  • Installation Method Self Adhered
  • Reinforcement Glass Fiber
  • Thickness 142 mils (3.6 mm)


Prior to installation, unroll ELASTOPHENE ULTRA-STICK FR GR onto the roof surface and allow to relax. Place ELASTOPHENE ULTRA-STICK FR GR in desired position. Remove one side of the split back release film and use hand pressure to adhere exposed high tack bottom layer. Remove the other half of the release film and roll the entire surface of the sheet with a weighted roller. Refer to the SOPREMA SBS Roofing Manual for additional application guidelines.

Testing & Approvals


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