2-1 SOPRASMART BOARD is a high performance panel of an SBS-modified bitumen base membrane and SOPRABOARD asphaltic coverboard for use in approved multi-ply membrane assemblies. To create 2-1 SOPRASMART BOARD , a semi rigid, asphaltic roofing substrate board is factory laminated to an SBS modified bitumen base ply reinforced with a tough, dimensionally stable non-woven polyester mat for creating a time and labor-saving solution. The topside is surfaced with polyolefin burn-off film to optimize heat welding applications or silica sand to aid with cold adhvesive application.

Product Properties

  • Type Membrane


Prior to installation, unfold 2-1 SOPRASMART BOARD onto the roof surface and allow to relax. 2-1 SOPRASMART BOARD is installed via mechanical fastening, approved adhesive or hot asphalt following manufacturer specifications. When installing via mechanical fastening, 2-1 SOPRASMART BOARD is fastened through the patented DUO SELVEDGE lap following the details for the uplift pressure required. Subsequent approved inter-ply or cap ply membranes are applied to 2-1 SOPRASMART BOARD via heat welding. Refer to SOPREMA SBS Roofing Guide for additional application guidelines.

Testing & Approvals


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