SOPRANATURE™ Root Barrier is designed to protect underlying roofing and waterproofing assemblies from root penetration. SOPRANATURE Root Barrier is composed of a virgin blended linear-low-density polyethylene. SOPRANATURE Root Barrier offers high puncture and tear resistance and provides UV protection. SOPRANATURE Root Barrier is offered in three thicknesses, 20 mil, 30 mil, and 40 mil. SOPRANATURE™ Seam Tape should be used at the joints to ensure a watertight assembly.

Product Properties

  • Type Green


Prior to installation, unroll SOPRANATURE Root Barrier, unfold and place into the designated position. Overlap with the adjacent sheet. For optimal performance, heat-welded all laps with at least a six-inch overlap. If heat-welding is not possible, overlap sheets approximately 2 feet and apply SOPRANATURE Seam Tape to the upper edge of the overlay.

Testing & Approvals

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