SENTINEL® Boot Flashing is a factory fabricated pipe flashing utilizing fiberglass reinforced pvc membrane. The SENTINEL Boot Flashing is available in two sizes and fits either a 1”-6” pipe or a 6”-12” pipe. The ‘closed’ style flashing is used for penetrations where the flashing can be slipped over the top of the penetration and moved down into position. The split style flashings are great where the pipe is not accessible due to equipment or other obstruction at the top of the pipe and require field welding of the vertical seam. Each pipe flashing is shipped with a stainless steel clamping ring.

Product Properties

  • Type Membrane Accessories


SENTINEL Boot Flashings are hot-air welded to the field membrane. Seal the top of the pipe flashing watertight with mastic and a pipe clamp (included). Refer to SOPREMA® specifications and installation instructions for additional application guidelines.


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