SOPRANATURE® Drain Plate 60 SKU: W918

SOPRANATURE® Drain Plate 60 SKU: W918

SOPRANATURE Drain Plate 60 is a 2-1/2” (63.5 mm) tall, three-dimensional plastic structure for green roofs made of recycled high-density polyethylene. Typically the entire top surface is filled witha lightweight inorganic aggregate to support the separation fabric and planting media above.

Product Properties

  • Type Drainage Mat


Lay the plates over the SOPRANATURE Moisture Retention Mat overlapped 6”. Cut single plates, using a board to protect underlying materials from damage. Butt panels tightly together, staggering end joits by one-half sheet. Fill the plates completely to the top with a lightweight aggegate. Lay separation fabric over plates, overlapping 6”. Spread green roof planting media.


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Beijing Zoo Road Bridge – Beijing, China

The Zoo Road viaduct bridge crosses Beijing Zoo, as a part of the infrastructure for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The waterproofing area is about 27,000 ft2, and completed October 2007. The waterproofing layer was installed by SOPREMA Macaden Automatic Installation System with 200 meter long SBS modified bitumen membrane—ANTIROCK.

Berry Architecture Office Building – Red Deer, Alberta

“The building’s crowning glory is the green roof which features a stream, native plantings, vegetable gardens, and bird, butterfly and bee habitats”, as stated by Berry Architecture + Associates. SOPREMA®’s SOPRANATURE® vegetated system was chosen for this project attaining LEED Gold certification.