VersiJack® is a new generation pedestal engineered to provide a versatile and sustainable solution to support raised pavers and timber decking. It provides a cavity to conceal services, improves heat and sound insulation, and facilitates rapid surface drainage while allowing waterproofing and services to remain accessible. It also eliminates efflorescence and algae growth and reduces paver installation cost.

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VersiJack® is a height and slope adjustable pedestal for paver and decking support engineered to reduce material, construction and lifecycle costs. It caters to a wide range of height requirements, from 1.5 in – 40 in (37 mm – 1016 mm), using only three main components (Top, Extender and Base). Accessories include top and bottom slope-correctors, spacer tabs, height extenders and joist holders. For VersiJack accessory products, please see the VersiJack sell sheet.


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