SOPRASEAL® SealantSKU: D30177

SOPRASEAL Sealant is a low VOC, solvent-free, polyether adhesive-sealant. This fast-setting, moisture curing product is designed to be applied where outgassing and solvents are not tolerated. SOPRASEAL Sealant’s tough elastomeric bonds allow for excellent adhesion to most construction materials as well as all SOPRASEAL membranes. SOPRASEAL Sealant can be applied at temperatures as low as 32°F (0°C) with a pneumatic cartridge (no special tools or mixers required). SOPRASEAL Sealant will not shrink upon curing or discolver when left exposed to UV. SOPRASEAL is fast setting and after 24 hours is fully cured.

Product Properties

  • Type Sealant


Ensure application surface is clean, sound, dry and free of debris. Test substrate prior for bonding strength and compatibility prior to application. SOPRASEAL Sealant is used as an accessory sealant to all SOPREMA wall membranes.

Testing & Approvals

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