SOPRABOARD is a semi rigid, asphaltic roofing substrate board for use in approved multi-ply membrane and flashing assemblies. SOPRABOARD is composed of a mineral fortified asphaltic core formed between two fiberglass reinforcing plies. SOPRABOARD is designed for use with SOPREMA®’s SBS-modified bitumen membranes and may be used as a protection board in SOPREMA’s waterproofing systems and assemblies.

Product Properties

  • Material Asphaltic
  • Type Board
  • Use Coverboard


Place SOPRABOARD in desired position. Apply SOPRABOARD with mechanical fasteners, or adhere with DUOTACK® insulation adhesive or hot asphalt, following the details for the uplift pressure required. Subsequent approved base-ply membranes are adhered to SOPRABOARD via heat welding, cold adhesive, self-adhesive or hot asphalt applications. Refer to the SOPREMA SBS Roofing Manual for additional application guidelines.

Testing & Approvals

FBC FL13806-R8  Liquid-Applied Roof Systems FM Miami-Dade UL

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