ALSAN RS Paste is a rapid-setting, proprietary formulation polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) heavy paste. ALSAN RS Paste is used to fill small cracks, depressions and voids in a nontraffic bearing horizontal or vertical substrates after priming and prior to application of ALSAN RS systems. ALSAN RS Paste can also be used to smooth out laps on ALSAN RS 230 and ALSAN RS 260 membranes when applying aesthetic top coats or surfacing.

Product Properties

  • Installation Method 2 Part
  • Material Paste


ALSAN RS Paste is applied with a spatula or trowel. The applicator is responsible for ensuring conditions are appropriate to proceed with proper application methods. ALSAN RS Paste should not be used for substrate repairs on traffic bearing ALSAN RS systems.

Testing & Approvals

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