Airport High School – West Columbia, South Carolina

Airport High School, home of the Eagles, is a public high school offering education for grades 9-12, serving the communities of West Columbia, Cayce, South Congaree, Pine Ridge, and parts of Gaston, South Carolina. It derives its name from its location next to Columbia Metropolitan Airport.

This project was a retrofit application over an existing built-up roof with embedded aggregate. The roof was originally slated to be torn down to the gypsum deck and a new SBS-modified bitumen roof system was to be installed. After conferring and considering several approaches, a recover solution was identified and the tear-off could be avoided. The loose aggregate on the existing roof membrane would be vacuumed off and a separator board would be installed in hot asphalt. Because of the uneven surface of the remaining embedded aggregate, SOPRAROCK® was chosen knowing that this board would conform to the uneven surface much better than a rigid coverboard could. This idea spawned another….”why not use SOPRASMART® XP”; and allow one application step instead of two. The project was capped off with SOPRALENE® 180 FR GR, in COLPLY® Adhesive.