Boston Prudential Tower – Boston Massachusetts

At thirty-eight years old, the original coal tar roof was starting to show its age. The building owners, concerned about their long-term investment, commissioned a study. Roofing consultant Facility Engineering Associates (FEA), PC of Virginia and their senior project manger, Jim Justus, were asked to determine if the water leaks meant a total roof replacement. After careful study in 2003, the engineers at FEA recommended exactly that; all three original roof areas, the 51st floor, the 54th floor and the 55th floor roofs all needed to be replaced. The coal tar roof, comprised of layers of asphalt and felt, had water trapped within the system and exceeded its useful life. The entire roof system, comprised of protection boards, insulation and the multi-ply layers had to be removed.

“With SOPREMA®, we knew we were assured of experience, quality and a solid reputation,” states Jim Justus. “SOPREMA’s multi-ply system provided superior puncture and tear resistance and their past history indicated the products would exceed the owner’s requirements. The key to SOPREMA’s system for FEA was the granulated cap sheet, which protects the membrane from puncture, and the ALSAN flashing compound, which dramatically eased the construct ability of the flashings. Those two items were critical to selecting the system.”

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