Garibaldi Square Condos – Chicago, Illinois

This award winning project is the direct result of the building owner’s resistance to using hot asphalt and torches on the roof. SOPREMA’s mechanically attached, self-adhered system was used to accommodate the building owner’s desires. SOPRAFIX® base ply is loosely laid directly over the insulation system and mechanically fastened in the side laps directly into the structural deck.  It is highly elastic, maintaining flexibility in frigid temperatures while providing heat resistance.

For the cap ply, SOPRALENE® Stick FR GR is composed of a proprietary high quality elastomeric styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) polymer-modified bitumen blend and a polyester reinforcement. The underside consists of a release film and self-adhered bitumen layer for adhering to approved substrates. The topside is surfaced with ceramic coated granules.