Museum of Science and Industry – Chicago, Illinois

Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) is the home of irreplaceable pieces of history like the Apollo 8 spacecraft that brought humankind to the orbit of the moon for the first time and U-505, a captured German submarine that proved pivotal to the Allied Forces’ victory in World War II. Needless to say, a leaky roof covering the massive Beaux Arts structure — the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere — is unacceptable. And as a historical building, any change to its appearance from the street is also off limits.

Fortunately, MSI Head Engineer Mike Welsh and project architect ARCON Associates knew that SOPREMA products, particularly the ALSAN® RS PMMA line, were the ideal solution when a large donation facilitated a much-needed tear-off and replacement of MSI’s existing roof. PMMA offers unmatched durability and, of particular importance given the job’s appearance requirements, low flashing heights and a virtually limitless range of color options.

Documents To Download

  • Museum of Science and Industry Project Profile (PDF)

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PROJECT SIZE65,500 square feet
TYPE OF CONSTRUCTIONTear off and replace existing roof
CONTRACTORElens & Maichin Roofing
BASE PLYModified Sopra G (mechanically attached), ELASTOPHENE® Sanded 2.2 and SOPRALENE® 180 Sanded (above the insulation and coverboard)
LIQUID-APPLIED MEMBRANEALSAN® RS 230 Field and ALSAN® RS 230 Flashing, with ALSAN® RS Fleece

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