Second Ward Gymnasium – Charlotte, North Carolina

Second Ward High School is a historic school in Charlotte, North Carolina that opened in 1923. The school was closed in 1969 and eventually demolished,with the exception of the gymnasium. Today, the gymnasium, built in 1949, stands as a reminder of the school’s history. The Alumni Association is working with the city to preserve the building and put it to use again by connect it to the Mecklenburg
County Aquatic Center, located next door. Upon completion, the gymnasium will house a rec center and park with a museum dedicated to preserving the school’s history within the community.

When building the recreation center, SOPREMA products were used to seal and protect the wall systems. SOPREMA’s spray applied, SOPRASEAL LM 204 VP, self-adhered SOPRASEAL Stick 1100T and SOPRASEAL Liquid Flashing products were installed to provide an air tight building. Using multiple products in the SOPRASEAL line, guarantees there is no question on product compatibility.