Woodridge Middle School – Peninsula, Ohio

The Woodridge School District located in Peninsula, Ohio, provides their students with the educational opportunities they need to succeed. The district encompasses four educational buildings, from the primary school up to the high school. As a commitment to the community, Woodridge School District focuses their efforts on guiding their youth, planning for the future, and promoting learning for a lifetime.

With a tight schedule to meet, Woodridge Middle School was relying on SOPREMA’s SENTINEL products to do the job. The previous shingle and PVC roof was replaced with SOPRA-ISO, and tan SENTINEL P150 HFB. The gutters were then lined with ALSAN RS 222 primer and ALSAN RS 230 Flash. As an added benefit, SOPREMA offered a total system warranty, including the gutter lining. The project was completed in the 80 construction day schedule and was ready just in time to welcome students back to school.