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Sustainable Solutions

At SOPREMA, we’re committed to improving the lives of our people, communities, and environment. To achieve this, SOPREMA has developed sustainable solutions aimed at:

  • Increasing the service life of buildings.
  • Increasing the overall performance of buildings.
  • Increasing the resilience of buildings.
  • Ensuring the health and comfort of occupants.

Download our Sustainable Solutions Guide for sustainable products and systems that promote green buildings offered by SOPREMA in the U.S.

Learn more about SOPREMA’s sustainability efforts on our Corporate Sustainability page.

Several SOPREMA products contribute to obtaining LEED® v4 and LEED® v4.1 credits.

SOPREMA conducts life cycle assessments (LCAs) in accordance with the ISO 14025 protocol and provides documents such as Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) or Health Product Declaration (HPDs) to show the impact of our products on the environment and humanity.

Modified Bitumen Membranes (SBS & APP)

These low-slope membrane systems have been around for more than 50 years, and the technology has evolved to meet the demands for safer and faster installations.

The growing demand for sustainability in all things lends itself to a demand for longer-lasting roofs. Simply put, durability equals sustainability.

An important support reference is the EPD for flexible bitumen sheets published by the European Waterproofing Association in 2019. The EPD asserts that a properly installed, maintained and overlaid SBS-modified bitumen membrane roof with a typical service life of 30 years can be extended to between 50 and 90 years (depending on local building codes and the consideration of extreme weather impact in some geographic areas).

COOL ROOF Membranes

Liquid Membrane (white) - Low VOC content

Adhesives and Sealants

SOPREMA offers a complete line of adhesives and sealants with low or ultra-low VOC's. These products were ​developed to provide numerous installation benefits including a low odor, moisture curing, and an enhanced ​installation with an HFO blowing agent.

Board Insulation (Roofing and Walls)

SOPREMA offers two types of insulation for the building envelope. Insulation products can contribute to LEED ​and other green building certifications through the recycled content and product transparency documents like ​EPDs and HPDs.

Vegetated and Amenity Roofing Systems

SOPRANATURE® vegetated systems offer a wide variety of social, economic and environmental benefits to ​building owners and communities. In addition to replacing mineral surfaces with permeable and living surfaces ​within properties, they compensate for the loss of ecosystems caused by urban development.


A more sustainable solution for modified bitumen installation.