Concrete Moisture Solutions

Controlling moisture is critical when above-deck roofing is applied to new concrete roof decks. Lightweight insulating concrete can maintain trapped moisture, which can cause a variety of issues, including blistering, buckling and debonding of the roofing membrane.

Additional Elastomeric Waterproofing

SOPREMA offers adhesive solutions featuring an additional layer of elastromeric waterproofing protection beneath or between membrane piles. The moisture-cured, solvent-free polymeric adhesive allows for the venting of vapor pressure and mitigation of trapped moisture from lightweight insulating concrete.

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COLPLY® EF Adhesive

SOPREMA provides a high-performance, polymeric roofing adhesive, for use with SBS-modified bitumen membrane systems. COLPLY can be applied in ribbons – a unique process that allows for venting to prevent trapped moisture and possible structural damage.