SOPRANATURE® and Furbish Green Roof Solutions

Green Roof located on top of SOPREMA HQ
Green Roof located on top of SOPREMA HQ


At SOPREMA, the recent upgrades to headquarters exemplify commitment to sustainability and innovation. The existing roof with the new ECO3 granules and the expansion roof with the SOPRALENE 180 FR GR SG has not only enhanced the durability and performance of its roofing systems but also improved their environmental impact. The combined area of 133 squares across both roofs translates to a smog fighting capacity equivalent to 180 trees, combating air pollution and promoting cleaner, healthier surroundings. Beyond roofing materials, efforts include the use of Chem Link sealants like DuraLink 50 and DuraSil in various applications. These high-performance sealants not only ensure superior protection but also adhere to stringent environmental standards, boasting low VOC emissions and odor.  


SopraNature SOPREMA Green Roof install

Additionally, commitment to green building practices is evident in the vegetated roof installations, which not only manages stormwater effectively but also enhances thermal performance; prolonging the lifespan of roof membranes. SOPREMA actively contributes to a greener, more sustainable future with 1,850 square feet of 926 SOPRANATURE® TOUNDRA BOXES.  

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Furbish a SOPREMA Group Company also offers green roof systems like SOPRANATURE products. Their green roof systems achieve stormwater management requirements with only half the weight of a traditional green roof. For dollar-per-gallon of retained water, EcoCline is their most cost-effective green roof system you will find. It is low input, nutrient and dimensionally stable, and Furbish Stewardship is included. These systems contribute to LEED