Spirit of Collaboration

Executive Suite

At SOPREMA, the Executive Suite is characterized by an open-door policy, inviting teamwork and fostering transparent communication between collaborators and upper management. The accessibility of the Executive Suite ensures that collaborators feel empowered to engage in open dialogue and seek guidance or input from leadership whenever needed. This commitment to accessibility not only cultivates a culture of openness and inclusivity but also reinforces collaboration at every level of the organization.  

Inside of the SOPREMA Executive Suite

Collaborative Work Spaces:

SOPREMA Collaborative Space

Collaborative workspaces are integral to fostering creativity and teamwork within a company. By providing various areas equipped with couches and comfortable seating throughout the building, collaborators  have the flexibility to step away from their designated work areas and seek a change of scenery. This not only enhances comfort but also encourages a dynamic and inclusive work environment where ideas can flow freely. Collaboration goes beyond the sharing of ideas; it involves actively brainstorming, dividing work tasks evenly and fostering a sense of camaraderie among collaborators.  

open workspaces:

Open workspaces offer numerous benefits that can positively impact productivity and collaboration within a company. By replacing traditional cubicles with shorter partitions, these spaces encourage interaction and teamwork among collaborators, fostering a culture of teamwork and creativity. One advantage is the transparency that comes with eliminating walls and doors, allowing for increased  awareness of ongoing activities. Open workspaces offer flexibility, allowing collaborators  to choose their seating arrangements and adapt the workspace to their needs.   

SOPREMA Open Workspace

AppSpace Boards:

Headquarters, along with all the group companies’ locations across the U.S., is equipped with AppSpace TV boards, facilitating seamless communication and fostering a sense of unity among collaborators. These boards serve as a platform for sharing various updates, including birthdays, milestones, company news, off-site initiatives and more.