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SOPREMA is dedicated to innovation. This is seen in our products. We strive to improve product quality while addressing the pain points that contractors face every day on the jobsite. One way we are doing this is by creating new products that provide time and labor savings. Whether it is by creating products that combine steps, lessening wait times between applications or products that provide simple application methods, we are continually looking for ways to eliminate excess labor.


The SOPRASMART product line provides a variety of products that combine a high performance panel of an SBS-modified bitumen base membrane, SOPRABOARD® asphaltic coverboard and in some cases, two inches of SOPRA-ISO polyisocyanurate. By eliminating the need to place each product individually, these products factor in major time and labor savings on the jobsite.

How exactly does it save you time and money?

  • Fast, durable and efficient

  • By combining the roof membrane and coverboard it offer installers ease of application and valuable time and labor savings

  • Manufactured in a controlled environment for consistency

  • SOPRASMART Board 180 ISO products combine SOPRABOARD’s high performance SBS-modified bitumen base ply, our asphaltic coverboard and two inches of SOPRA-ISO polyisocyanurate insulation into one step – eliminating the need to place each product down individually


COLPHENE LM BARR is a one component, liquid applied, moisture curing elastomeric waterproofing membrane. It is ideal as a positive-side waterproofing for dealing foundations, but can also be used in between slab waterproofing, equipment wells and other underground construction. It can be used in above grade applications to waterproof planter boxes, seal parapets, plaza decks and green roof systems.

How exactly does it save you time and money?

  • As the first and only spray grade STPE waterproofing membrane, it offers a quick and easily installation with minimal preparation work

  • One pass application up to 120 mils

  • Moisture cure characteristics allow it to bond to ‘green’ concrete – allowing you to coat concrete sooner as opposed to emulsion-type or cutback products which can blister with moisture

  • Fast cure time reduces construction sequencing time by reducing backfill wait time

See COLPHENE LM BARR in action!

COLPLY® EF Ribbon Applied:

COLPLY EF is a high performance, single-component polymeric adhesive for use with SBS-modified bitumen membrane systems. When applied in ribbons, it can help lessen the risk of issues caused from moisture in concrete roof decks.

How exactly does it save you time and money?

  • Vapor retarders can be applied shortly after the concrete is poured without any issues of adverse effects due to moisture

  • Quick and easy installation

  • 10-15 squares per Super Bead applicator tank

Learn more about how this application process works!


ULTRA-STICK is a huge time and labor savings product because it does not require primers and offers a simple application method. Self-adhered membranes are known to save time due to the ease of application and no need for expensive equipment. These products also offer a flameless roofing solution and therefore emit no odors from primers, adhesives or asphalt.

How exactly does it save you time and money?

  • No special equipment needed

  • No odor from primers, adhesives or asphalt, allowing you to continue work with building occupants inside

  • Quick and easy installation process



DUOTACK SPF Adhesive is a low pressure, two-component spray polyurethane foam adhesive specially formulated for adhering SENTINEL HFB PVC membranes, as well as a ribbon applied adhesive for adhering insulation and coverboards to approved substrates or together.

How exactly does it save time and money? 

  • Provides 50% more coverage than the competition (up to 30 squares of coverage per kit)
  • Has a faster flow rate than the competition, allowing for quicker installation times

duotack spf image.jpg


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