SOPREMA® Adds Spray Applied Weather Resistant Barriers to Their Building Envelope Portfolio

02-25-2016 | Wall Systems, Media

WADSWORTH, Ohio (February 23, 2016) SOPREMA, Inc. has developed two new spray-applied liquid membranes, SOPRASEAL® LM 202 VP (vapor permeable) and LM 203. The SOPRASEAL LM products are one component, air barriers, offered in both permeable and non-permeable options. The monolithic membrane ensures a continuous air barrier and offers superior water resistance, due to the seamless installation.

“We’re proud to be introducing SOPRASEAL liquid membranes into our extensive line of building envelope products,” said Jack Garnett, Business Development Manager, SOPREMA. “We’ve tested these products to the highest standards and are excited for the versatility of these products and answering contractors’ needs for products that work in a variety of applications and climates.”

SOPRASEAL LM offers application flexibility, allowing for installation in temperatures as low as 25 degrees Fahrenheit. SOPRASEAL LM is a thin gauge material, allowing for ease of installation resulting in labor cost and time savings.

“In addition to ease of installation, SOPRASEAL LM can be easily cleaned with water,” Garnett said. “This is an additional cost and time savings on the job.”

For more information on SOPREMA’s spray applied liquid membrane products, click here.