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As a leader in commercial roofing, waterproofing, soundproofing, wall protection and civil engineering solutions, we’ve built a strong reputation. Customers rely on us for total solutions for building envelopes. We’re a trusted name, thanks to our decades of innovation and reliable products. We believe continuing education is the key to success with our products and systems. That’s why we share our experience and knowledge through our education and training resources.

Supporting Total Solutions for Building Envelopes

When you’re making decisions about selecting and installing building materials, SOPREMA is here to help. We offer a SOPREMA authorized contractor training program and AIA courses eligible for continuing education units (CEUs).

To make it convenient for you, SOPREMA offers this training at locations across the country in design professionals’ offices, contractor or distributor yards as well as our various training centers. We have SOPREMA training centers in Wadsworth, Ohio; Gulfport, Miss.; Newark, N.J.; Pompano Beach, Fla.; Capitol Heights, Md.; Schoolcraft, Mich.; Kansas City, Mo.; and Carrollton, Tx.

SOPREMA Contractor Training Program

Want to improve your knowledge of SOPREMA products and installation methods? Attend our SOPREMA Contractor Training Program and become a SOPREMA expert.

Our team shares their knowledge and experience to give you the best understanding of SOPREMA products and systems. You’ll be confident in your ability to select and install the right products for every job.

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Learn More About Our SOPREMA Contractor Training Program

With the SOPREMA Contractor Training Program you can:

  • Increase your productivity
  • Increase your knowledge of SOPREMA products and systems
  • Reduce call backs
  • Reduce warranty claims
  • Recieve a course certification card that identifies you as a SOPREMA expert

These are hands-on courses, and you’ll participate in workshops where you gain practical, applicable experience. All courses are taught by our field technical staff, who are thoroughly familiar with SOPREMA materials and applications.

Download a copy of our Contractor Training Program brochure for further information.

Become a Certified SOPREMA Applicator

Once you have completed and passed a SOPREMA Contractor Training Course, you will be recognized as a Certified SOPREMA Applicator. You will receive an individual certification card for each course you complete, and your employer will receive a copy of the certification to proudly display on the company website or in the lobby of your facility.

You will also be added to our list of companies that employ a Certified Applicator. To see a list of Authorized SOPREMA Contractors who employ Certified Applicators, see our full list.

If you’re interested in our Mammouth Contractor Rewards Program, this course is required for eligibility. For more detailed information on our Contractor Training Program, see our FAQs.

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Current Contractor Training Programs

CT092 Roof Construction Science

Increase knowledge of roof system technologies, including roof membrane applications, insulation systems and application methodologies.

CT100 – SBS – Modified-Heat Welded Membrane Systems

For applicators of heat-welded SBS-modified roof systems and related SOPREMA products.

CT102 – SBS – Modified Cold Adhesive-Adhered Membrane Systems

Increase knowledge of cold adhesive-applied SBS-modified roof systems and related SOPREMA products.

CT103 – SBS – Modified Self-Adhered Membrane Systems

Training program for installers of self-adhered SBS-modified roof systems.

CT104 – SBS – Modified Mechanically Fastened Membrane Systems

Learn more about installing modified mechanically fastened SBS-modified roof systems.

CT107 – Liquid Flashing Systems

This training program assists applicators who install liquid-applied flashings over SBS-modified bitumen membranes.

CT120 – SENTINEL® PVC-Adhered Membrane Systems

Education and training for applicators who install adhered PVC roof systems.

CT121 – PVC Mechanically Fastened Membrane Systems

Training program for applicators who install mechanically fastened PVC roof systems.

CT140 – PMMA Liquid-Applied Membrane (Over SBS Base Ply)

Classroom and workshop activities related to using PMMA liquid-applied roof systems over SBS base ply.

CT201 – Below-Grade Waterproofing Systems

Learn more about installing below-grade waterproofing systems.

CT202 – Blindside Waterproofing (BSW)

Training and workshops for installers of blindside waterproofing.

CT210 – PMMA Liquid Applied Pedestrian / Vehicular Trafficable Surface Systems

Learn more about PMMA Liquid-Applied Pedestrian and Vehicular Trafficable Surface Systems.

CT220 – Heat-Welded SBS-Modified Plaza Deck Systems

Training and workshop for installers of heat-welded SBS-modified plaza deck systems.

CT221 – SBS-Modified Cold Adhesive-Adhered Plaza Deck Systems

Training for installers of SBS-modified cold adhesive-adhered deck systems.

CT222 – SBS-Modified Self-Adhered Plaza Deck Systems

Learn more about SBS-modified self-adhered plaza deck systems.

CT224 – PMMA Liquid-Applied Membrane Plaza Deck Systems

Training program for applicators of PMMA liquid-applied roof systems over a plaza deck.

CT225 – Liquid Flashing for Plaza Deck Systems

A training program for installers of liquid-applied flashings over SBS-modified bitumen plaza deck membrane.

CT401 – Heat-Welded SBS-Modified Bridge Deck Waterproofing

Learn more about heat-welded SBS-modified bridge deck waterproofing.

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SOPREMA offers educational courses on building envelope solutions that are eligible for CEU credit. These are American Institute of Architecture (AIA)-approved courses and International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants (IIBEC)-approved courses for architects, engineers, building owners, contractors and others, presented through our Mammouth Education and Training Program.

Current AIA-Approved and IIBEC-Approved Courses

SOPREMA is proud to be an AIA Continuing Education Provider.

We designed our education courses to help make you more confident and knowledgeable about a variety of topics and SOPREMA products.

To see the full list of courses available, click here. You can also visit our page on AEC Daily to register online.