08-22-2018 | Blog

We’ve already proposed the idea of using new product and application processes to help lessen the burden on crews and save time and money on the jobsite. Now we are going to discuss how using specialized equipment can make the application process even faster and result in a higher quality product. This is exactly what the Mini Macaden machine is designed to do. The Mini Macaden was developed to lay SOPREMA bituminous membranes quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

So, what is the Mini Macaden? It is a self-propelled, self-guided machine that that performs the welding of SOPREMA bituminous membranes for you, eliminating the need for your crews to complete each step manually, allowing them to move on to the next job sooner. Depending on the application requirements, the Mini Macaden can be set in a manual mode, allowing the operator to control the speed and direction as the machine welds the membrane. It can also be set to automatic mode, where the machine uses a laser guidance system to cleanly and accurately weld the membrane along the side lap line. This innovation has made a nearly hands-free membrane application a reality. Let’s dive a little deeper into how this product saves you time and labor and increases your revenue potential.

When using the Mini Macaden, it is possible to install up to four times the number of square feet per hour! With traditional welding techniques, a crew can average between 5 to 9 rolls per hour. This means that with a four-member team using the Mini Macaden, you can expect to install over 20 rolls per hour. Completing your projects much faster allows you to move your crews to the next job quicker, maximizing your revenue potential during your construction season. In addition to laying the product quicker, because the machine is programmed to meet application requirements, the Mini Macaden will complete the job with a consistent heating element and resulting in a product that is installed more efficiently. This consistent and efficient application can be done with up to 75% less propane than a manual installation, another cost saving you can add to the list. Lastly, the Mini Macaden adheres to the highest safety standards. Due to the limited use of flame and manual operations, the Mini Macaden is CSA International certified. The contained heating element protects workers and other roofing products from inadvertent exposure to open flame.

This one machine can offer a higher quality installation and decrease the time it takes to complete your projects. So now the question is, why aren’t you taking advantage of the time and labor savings? Contact your sales representative today to learn more about the Mini Macaden!