SOPREMA Offers Roofing Webinars

06-09-2020 | Roofing, Media

Log on, sit back and learn from trade experts in these SOPREMA-sponsored or SOPREMA-led webinars on topics facing the industry today.

The Building Envelope Campaign: Creating More Energy-Efficient Buildings (from June 16)

Did you know that the building envelope is one of the most overlooked areas of available energy savings in commercial buildings? The Building Envelope Campaign, launched June 10, 2020, has been developed by the Building Envelope Technology Research Team, a part of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Better Buildings Program, to help building owners and managers create more energy-efficient buildings by targeting the building envelope thermal performance, determining available energy savings and providing technical support. WATCH

Low-Slope Roofing: The Latest ASCE 7 Wind Design Requirements (from June 30)

Join SOPREMA’s own Darren Perry as he focuses on commercial low-slope roofing wind design and covers fundamental building codes and standards related to wind design. His presentation will include a detailed review of ASCE 7, “Minimum Design Loads for Buildings & Other Structures.” WATCH 

Single-Ply Roof Systems: Not All Things Are Created Equal (from July 28)

Are you interested in the technology, history and benefits of single-ply roof systems, with a core focus on EPDM, PVC and TPO? Hear from SOPREMA’s own Eric Younkin, as he reviews the anatomy of the single-ply membrane, its lifecycle impacts and so much more in this AIA-approved webinar. WATCH

The Future of Sustainability and Roofing (from July 29)

RoofersCoffeeShop partner Heidi Ellsworth will lead a discussion with Tim Kersey, SOPREMA’s vice president and general manager, about the growing need for sustainable products and systems on the roof and the overall societal demand for corporate responsibility around sustainability. Tim will also share strong sustainable solutions for roofing contractors and building owners to use on the roof. WATCH

Roof Coatings: The “Cool” Side of Roofing (from Nov. 10)

Are you curious about what’s necessary for designing and executing successful roof coatings’ projects? Join SOPREMA Product Manager Tom Stuewe as he highlights roof coating design considerations and how those changes may impact successful coatings’ projects. He addresses items that can potentially minimize the risk of failures with roof coatings and application. WATCH