SOPRASEAL® LM 202 VP and SOPRASEAL® LM 203 now have NFPA 285 approvals

09-21-2021 | Waterproofing, Wall Systems, Media

SOPRASEAL® LM 202 VP and SOPRASEAL® LM 203 have joined SOPRASEAL® LM 204 VP in the SOPREMA approval listings for National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 285.

(NFPA) 285.These listings can be used to offer hundreds of wall assembly combinations for liquid-applied and self-adhered vapor permeable and impermeable air barrier assemblies using the most popular wall cavity insulations and common wall construction such as concrete and steel stud, as well as many different exterior façade options.

Check out our new product data sheets and application guidelines on the SOPRASEAL® LM 202 VP and SOPRASEAL® LM 203 web pages.