Mini But Mighty

05-24-2022 | Roofing, Media

Small enough to fit in a van and mighty enough to decrease install times, the benefits of the MINI-MACADEN® are anything but mini!

Designed to lay SOPREMA bituminous membranes quicker and more efficiently, the MINI-MACADEN is self-propelled, self-guided and four times faster than manual installation. By eliminating the need for your crews to complete each step manually, this machine saves you time and allows you to move on to the next job sooner.

Small enough to be transported in a van, the MINI-MACADEN is not only mobile but can be operated manually or automatically. When in manual mode, the operator controls the speed and direction while the machine welds the membrane. In automatic mode the MINI-MACADEN uses a laser guidance system to weld the membrane along the side lap line with precision.  With the ability to switch between the two modes, you minimize the risk of error and defects while also improving the quality of the installation regardless of the weather conditions.

You also reduce your project time with the MINI-MACADEN, which can install up to four times the number of square feet per hour. While a crew can average welding five to nine rolls per hour using traditional techniques, a four-person team can install over 20 rolls per hour with the MINI-MACADEN!

The MINI-MACADEN reduces the amount of labor needed to complete a project and lessens the consumables used. Good for your crew and the environment, this machine uses up to 75% less propane than manual installation with the traditional welding method. The MINI-MACADEN is CSA International certified, meaning it meets the highest safety standards. This flame-free system reduces the risk of accidents while still providing higher quality and consistent installation.

The benefits are plentiful with the MINI-MACADEN!

  • Uniform and constant installation
  • High performance
  • Economical
  • Mobile
  • Faster install times
  • Multi-purpose
  • Safe
  • Ecological

Improve working conditions for your crews, reduce the manual handling and welding operations required for each project, and gain efficiency, speed and quality with the MINI-MACADEN.

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By Lauren White, RCS Editor. This article first appeared on RoofersCoffeeShop®.