Must-have Resources for Contractors

06-16-2022 | Media

SOPREMA offers tools to make your job easier, proving we are more than a manufacturer; we are a partner!

From our contractor training program to our document library, SOPREMA is committed to setting up our partners for success. We strive to provide valuable tools that make a contractor’s job easier and certifiably better.

Document Library

SOPREMA also boasts a Document Library full of useful documents and resources like product data sheets, specifications, technical bulletins and advisories and new detail drawings.

These customized drawings allow the user to alter the detail graphically and textually without any aided design software or knowledge. The drawing’s customization can reflect the specific conditions of a project. Contractors can customize the drawings for designer submittal packages.

Education and training

As a leader in commercial roofing, waterproofing, soundproofing, wall protection and civil engineering solutions, SOPREMA has built its strong reputation by being a partner to contractors. Customers rely on SOPREMA for total solutions for building envelopes as a trusted name, which is why it is important to us that we share our knowledge and experience through our education and training resources.

SOPREMA offers a SOPREMA authorized contractor training program and AIA courses eligible for continuing education units (CEUs).

SOPREMA Contractor Training Program 

The Contractor Training Program offers customers both classroom and hands-on application instructions on various products and installation methods. These courses improve your knowledge of SOPREMA material installations and can be used to train new employees and qualify your crew for the SOPREMA authorized contractor program.

The SOPREMA Contractor Training Program is designed to help you:

  • Increase your productivity.
  • Increase your knowledge of SOPREMA products and systems.
  • Reduce callbacks.
  • Reduce warranty claims.
  • Receive a course certification card that identifies you as a SOPREMA expert.

These are hands-on courses where you’ll participate in workshops to gain practical, relevant experience. All classes are taught by SOPREMA’s field technical staff, who are thoroughly familiar with SOPREMA materials and applications.

SOPREMA Authorized Contractor program 

Once you have completed and passed a SOPREMA Contractor Training Course, you will be recognized as a Certified SOPREMA Applicator. You will receive an individual certification card for each course you complete. Your employer will receive a copy of the certification to proudly display on the company website or in the lobby of your facility.

The SOPREMA Authorized Contractor Program denotes a contractor’s quality workmanship when installing SOPREMA products and construction materials. This distinction also comes with additional perks, such as using the SOPREMA logo in marketing materials, gaining access to the SOPREMA store and becoming eligible to join the SOPREMA Mammoth Club.

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