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Q:  What is the proper ratio of part A and part B for DUOTACK 365?
A:  The correct ratio of Part A to Part B is 1 to 1. Part A and Part B should be dispensed equally and properly mixed in the DUOTACK 365 static mixing tip. For the cartridges, this is easy to verify as the 2 sides of the cartridge are dispensed equally and can be seen visually.   For bulk material dispensed from dispensing carts, the material should be monitored for consistency as adhesive exits the static mixing tip and flows onto the substrate. When DUOTACK 365 fully cures, it should be very firm, not soft or spongy.

Q:  How are the two parts of DUOTACK 365 mixed?
A:  DUOTACK 365 is mixed using a static mixing tip provided by SOPREMA and specifically designed for use with DUOTACK 365. If other tips are used, there is potential for the part A and part B to mix improperly.

Q:  How do you apply ribbons of DUOTACK 365 adhesive correctly?
A:  As the ribbon is being dispensed onto the substrate, the ribbon should be at least ½” wide.  A properly applied ½” wide ribbon of DUOTACK 365 should expand approximately 3” wide or more laterally (side-to-side) when an insulation board is applied and held firmly in place.    

Q:  How do you maximize the adhesive bond for DUOTACK 365?
A:  To maximize the quality of adhesive bond, immediately set the insulation board into the freshly applied DUOTACK 365 adhesive before it begins to foam or rise. DUOTACK 365 should not be allowed to “skin over” prior to application of the coverboard/insulation. DUOTACK 365 adhesive will saturate and penetrate the insulation board surface/facer thus maximizing the bond. Immediately apply weight/pressure on the insulation board. Weighing-down the boards allows the ribbon to expand laterally (side-to-side) thus maximizing adhesive contact between the substrate and insulation board. 

Q: What are the advantages of weighing down insulation boards?
A:  Weighing-down boards is encouraged. It is possible to simply “walk-in” the insulation or cover boards; however, applying uniform static weight such as pails or other weights allows the adhesive time to cure while the insulation boards are held firmly in place. Walking-in insulation boards may disrupt the adhesive bond by causing lateral movement as the DUOTACK 365 cures.

Q: What is the VOC content of DUOTACK 365?
A: DUOTACK 365 contains zero VOC’s and meets all local and federal regulations for shipping and use.

Q:  If you use weights or “walk-in” insulation, when can they be removed?
A:  Once the DUOTACK 365 has cured sufficiently to hold the insulation in place, the weight/pressure can be removed. The boards should not be allowed to lift-up or curl as lifting will break the adhesive bond.

Q:  How do you examine the “quality” of the DUOTACK 365 adhesive bond?
A:  Apply a “test area” of DUOTACK 365 and install a sample of the insulation. Allow time for the DUOTACK 365 to cure sufficiently, this varies based on conditions, but usually 1 hour or more. Use a shovel or other means to pry-up the board. Examine the quality of adhesive bond. The board and/or substrate should fail cohesively, meaning the material should break apart and remain bonded to the DUOTACK 365. The DUOTACK 365 should not peel away easily, as this may indicate the substrate is wet or otherwise contaminated.

Q: Are there special storage/conditioning requirements for DUOTACK 365?
A: Because of DUOTACK 365’s unique chemistry, it can actually be applied in temperatures as low as 14F without any conditioning. As long as the material temperature remains above 14F, it can be applied with now special requirements. If the material temperature does go below 14F, simply bring the material temperature back up to 14F and continue use. There are no temperature restrictions on how low you can use DUOTACK 365.

Q: What size packaging is DUOTACK 365 available in?
A: DUOTACK 365 comes in 0.4 gallon cartridges which can be applied via a battery powered applicator and both 10 gallon “Cubitainers” and 50 gallon drums which are applied via 2-part pumps.


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