Fitness Center and CHC Wellbeing

Fitness Center located at SOPREMA HQ
Fitness Center located at SOPREMA HQ


At SOPREMA, the Fitness Center stands as a testament to ensuring the holistic wellbeing of all collaborators. Open 24 hours a day, a comprehensive array of equipment and amenities are available to accommodate all fitness needs. Equipment ranging from a squat rack, free weights and cardio machines provide collaborators with the resources to meet personal fitness goals. Workouts, programming, nutrition facts and recipes are provided by a fitness committee made up of SOPREMA collaborators.  

The Fitness Center integrates with the collaborator CHC Wellbeing program, offering synergy between health and wellness. Through the CHC Wellbeing program, collaborators are incentivized to prioritize their wellbeing through various activities like tracking steps, calories, participating in fitness challenges and engaging in health and wellness training videos.