ALSAN Trafik PU 215 SKU: 00513156

ALSAN Trafik PU 215 SKU: 00513156

ALSAN Trafik PU 215 is a multi-component, water catalyzed, polyurethane elastomeric base membrane. This base coat provides excellent adhesion to SOPREMA polyurethane system primers and topcoats for application of SOPREMA polyurethane coating system. ALSAN Trafik PU 215 is recommended for light and heavy-duty pedestrian and vehicular applications.

Product Properties

  • Material Polyurethane
  • Technology Polyurethane


ALSAN Trafik PU 215 is applied via notched squeegee, roller or notched trowel. Prior to application, refer to published specifications and approved details for complete application instructions. ALSAN Trafik PU 215 should be thoroughly mixed prior to application to ensure a consistent homogeneous material from top to bottom. ALSAN Trafik PU 215 should be mixed using a jiffy blade mixer at slow speed for at least 2-3 minutes.

Optional: Add the ALSAN Trafik PU 215 Accelerator to the entire 5 gallon pail and mix thoroughly until a homogenous mixture and color is obtained. The ALSAN Trafik PU 215 Accelerator will reduce the cure time of ALSAN Trafik PU 215.

Mix pre-accelerated ALSAN Trafik PU 215 with water at a volume ratio of 4:1 (4 gallons of ALSAN Trafik PU 215 to with 1 gallon of water).


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