SOPRADRAIN™ 104/104PF SKU: W889, W814

SOPRADRAIN™ 104/104PF SKU: W889, W814

SOPRADRAIN 104 is a versatile workhorse that delivers first-rate protection for waterproofing systems. Faced with a woven fabric layer, this high-density drainage panel filters out dirt and sand particles to provide free-flowing drainage. Controlling the flow of hydrostatic water pressure creates dryer, lighter soil loads reducing stress on walls, floors, and waterproofing membranes. Engineered for heavy-duty applications, SOPRADRAIN 104 can serve as a drainage layer for parking decks, split slabs, and plaza decks.

SOPRADRAIN 104 is also available as SOPRADRAIN 104PF that has a polymeric film on the back side to protect the waterproofing membranes.

Product Properties

  • Type Drainage Mat


Unroll SOPRADRAIN 104 or SOPRADRAIN 104PF and cut to desired length. Ensure fabric is adhered at all joints and fold any excess fabric at ends under the core.


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Placer County Water Agency – Auburn, California

In 2015, the Placer County Water Agency took on a tear-off roofing project, in which SOPREMA products were used. SOPREMA was the right choice for this project because the breadth of products met the designer’s needs, including meeting California Title 24 energy efficiency standards with the use of ENERGY STAR® rated SOPRASTAR® Flam. Another appealing aspect was the versatility of SENTINEL® P150, which allowed coverage for the vertical walls throughout the roofing system.

Airport High School – West Columbia, South Carolina

Because of the uneven surface of the remaining embedded aggregate, SOPRAROCK® was chosen knowing that this board would conform to the uneven surface much better than a rigid coverboard could. This idea spawned another....”why not use SOPRASMART® XP”; and allow one application step instead of two. The project was capped off with SOPRALENE® 180 FR GR, in COLPLY® Adhesive.