SOPRADRAIN™ 104 SKU: W889, W814

SOPRADRAIN™ 104 SKU: W889, W814

SOPRADRAIN 104 is a versatile workhorse that delivers first-rate protection for waterproofing systems. Faced with a woven fabric layer, this high-density drainage panel filters out dirt and sand particles to provide free-flowing drainage. Controlling the flow of hydrostatic water pressure creates dryer, lighter soil loads reducing stress on walls, floors, and waterproofing membranes. Engineered for heavy-duty applications, SOPRADRAIN 104 can serve as a drainage layer for parking decks, split slabs, and plaza decks.

SOPRADRAIN 104 is also available as SOPRADRAIN 104PF that has a polymeric film on the back side to protect the waterproofing membranes.

Product Properties

  • Type Drainage Mat


Unroll SOPRADRAIN 104 and cut to desired length. Ensure fabric is adhered at all joints and fold any excess fabric at ends under the core.


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Cleveland Clinic – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Clinic’s main campus consists of 41 buildings on about 140 acres near University Circle, Cleveland. They operate 14 family health and ambulatory surgery centers in surrounding communities and a multispecialty hospital and family health center in Weston, Florida. Various SOPREMA® systems have been chosen for their waterproofing needs.

DFW International Airport – Dallas, Texas

The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) became one of the first major U.S. airports to go carbon neutral in 2016, and since then, the facility has only accelerated its sustainability efforts. When ELASTOPHENE® and SOPRALENE® with ECO3 granules were specified for the roofs of DFW’s Terminal F Skylink buildings, it represented a new level of commitment to our planet.