SOPRANATURE® Paver Pedestals

SOPRANATURE® Paver Pedestals

SOPRANATURE Paver Pedestals support paving blocks on pedestrian traffic terraces. They consist of a head screw nut assembly and 8 in (200 mm) wide base plate. They allow the adjustment and the leveling of paving blocks.

Product Properties

  • Type Green


SOPRANATURE Paver Pedestals can be installed on any base designed to support the load of the entire pedestal system. For roof edges or corners, it is required to level the spacers with a knife, cutting pliers, or a hacksaw.

If necessary, it is possible to interlock one to four 4-in. (100-mm) extensions on the base plate of Paver Pedestals (H150/260) to adjust their height from 5-15/16 in. (100 mm) to 27-9/16 in. (700 mm).

When correction of a slope of 0 to 5% is required, attach the slope corrector to the bottom of the SOPRANATURE Paver Pedestals.

Since the installation of a plaza deck requires additional structural resistance in an existing building, an in-depth analysis of its capacities by a building structural engineer is essential.

Service temperature: -22 to 189°F (-30 to 87°C)



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