SOPRANATURE PAVER PEDESTALS support paving blocks on pedestrian traffic terraces. Manufactured from injection molded polypropylene, SOPRANATURE PAVER PEDESTALS consist of a head screw nut assembly with an 8 in (200 mm) wide base plate. SOPRANATURE PAVER PEDESTALS allow for the adjustment and the leveling of paving blocks and are available in 6 references for heights from 1 to 10.2 inches (25 to 260 mm).

Product Properties

  • Type Green


SOPRANATURE PAVER PEDESTALS can be installed on any base designed to support the load of the entire pedestal system. Since the installation of a plaza deck requires additional structural resistance in an existing building, SOPREMA recommends an in-depth analysis of its capacities by a building structural engineer.

Pedestals are packaged with the top and base fully assembled in the pedestal’s lowest height position. To increase the height, simply hook the key on the screw nut in the center of the paver pedestals, turn the key clockwise to lower the threaded screw on the support and turn counterclockwise to raise it. DO NOT extend the height of the pedestal past the built-in thread engagement indicators unless adding an EXTENSION.

At the corners or on the edges of the terraces, the head spacers should be leveled using a cutter, cutting pliers or a hacksaw.


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